Translating Business problems into technical solutions

Our approach

We are different, we are passionate about business problems and helping businesses understand what is possible with technology. Through working with you to create a vision and solution fit for your business we get the best outcome. Every thing we do comes under these areas, we can do end-to-end, or just the bit you need help with.

Develop the vision, working with you to understand the business strategy and pain points, to clearly define what success looks like.


Designing and selecting the best solution to support the vision, through creating a clear, well defined requirement specification.


Delivering the solution through project management and implementation, completing the translation of the vision into a working solution.


We can help you with...
  • Bespoke application solutions


    Some circumstances may require an application development unique to your needs. An audit will identify the need for bespoke functions required throughout your business structure in order for a custom-build to take place.

    Bespoke application solutions
  • Collaborative communication (VoIP/UC)


    Communication is everything when it comes to efficiency. Enabling your people and stakeholders to connect anywhere and everywhere with applications and cloud solutions will ensure your business can operate on a global level.

    Collaborative communication (VoIP/UC)
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning (DR/BCP)


    Technology can provide the framework to hugely efficient business processes but they need to be a failsafe against unforeseen incidents such as natural disasters, blackouts or unscrupulous hijacking. Effective contingency planning to counteract such incidents will guard against production downtime, loss of data and unplanned disruptions.

    Disaster recovery and business continuity planning (DR/BCP)
  • IT Security


    With increased risk of malicious IT hacking and low level security of technology and business assets, systems must employ advanced safeguarding measures to prevent workflow interruptions and data breach.

    IT Security
  • IT Infrastructure


    All aspects of technology – machinery, computers, mobile and static communication devices – and the people that use them need to have a common ground in order to maximise efficiency.

    IT Infrastructure
  • System integration (EDI/Web API)


    The whole purpose of utilising IT resources is to streamline processes and costs as effectively as possible. Some ‘out of the box’ resources may offer functionality unnecessary to what your business requires. Or not enough. System integration through working with application programming interface of multiple software and focusing on electronic data management processes will improve and simplify output.

    System integration (EDI/Web API)
  • Business intelligence reporting

    Business Inelligence

    Understanding business data is key to providing a successful customer experience and a scalable growth platform. Business intelligence software will analyse the raw data of your organisation to report on a best-fit solution for development and usage.

    Business Inelligence
    Business intelligence reporting
  • Business Systems (CRM/ERP/WMS)

    Business Systems

    As technology advances so does our ability to develop and innovate. At the heart of a business progression and adaptation are ways to manage customers and interactions through customer management systems and to streamline ‘back office’ processes through enterprise resource planning. With product distribution a competent warehouse management system is key centralising inventory tracking and logistical attainment.

    Business Systems
    Business Systems (CRM/ERP/WMS)
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About US

We are new and passionate about using technology to solve business problems
SyTech IT

Our mission is to bring a fresh approach to business technology solutions, under pinned by years of experience in both Business Systems and IT Infrastructure.

Our passion is translating business strategy into technology solutions. By building relationships with our client we understand the business, allowing us to design solutions to support long term vision, whilest using our experience to enable growth and create efficiencies.

It’s an exciting time in the business world. Any company now has the ability to implement solutions, quicker and at a lower cost than larger rivals, giving them a competitive advantage.

Every company is different, being independent, we will recommend the best solution for you. We like people too, so can help you take your team on the change journey ensuring changes are successful.

  • Strategy

    Building your vision

  • Business Process

    Under the hood

  • Infrastructure

    Behind the scenes

  • People

    End users

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